Wines that consumers like purchasing for their pleasant flavours rather than the complex rules around wine purchases. Instead of selling wine as wine, Ethereus Wines has developed a social beverage that is available to everyone, including those who don’t consume wine.

Ethereus Wine lunch
Ethereus Wine lunch

Agustin Expósito Roda and his team at Ethereus Wines refer to themselves as “Wine Architects,” a business concept that aims to transform the wine industry. Hans Rolink and his crew are also a part of this venture, which pretends to revolutionise the industry.

Ethereus is easy to pick, easy to drink, enjoyable, and daring. It represents Spanish culture, partying and sunny beaches, thriving on adventure and enjoyment, it tastes wonderful and is made for everyday events, it puts a non-traditional spin on a classic product.

The Ethereus Wines team firmly believes that life is better when we are with friends and loved ones. Its goal is to make new wines that are enjoyable, delectable, and easy to drink. They strive to produce exquisite wines that are pleasing to a variety of palates because they believe in bringing something better to the table.

Ethereus Win party
Ethereus Wine gathering

Ethereus honours individuals for who they are. After all, life would be quite dull if we were all the same. So, whether we’re dancing or simply spreading love, our aim is to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Easy to drink is more of a tactile description than a flavour one. These wines do not draw attention to themselves or wear out the palate because they are balanced wines. You won’t taste the alcohol, acidity, or sweetness because they aren’t overpowering. Red wine’s tannins must be as silky-smooth as possible.

Simple or inferior are not implied by the words “easy to drink.” Either a €6 inexpensive bottle of wine or a €500 first-harvest Bordeaux wine might be served. The most easy-drinking wines are also the most nuanced and fascinating wines in the world, despite the fact that some of them have simple flavours since no truly excellent wine is truly difficult to drink at its best.

Ethereus Wines advertising

Ethereus wines’ main objective is to make them incredibly approachable and easy to enjoy for everyone. If all the components have aged together and the wine is balanced, it will be easy to drink. It could be a wine that is complex or not. Easy to drink simply means that the intricate and fascinating components have come together in a beautiful or smooth manner.

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