• Ethereus Wines; the easy drinking wine company.

    Ethereus Wines; the easy drinking wine company. With its delicious and easy to drink wines, Ethereus Wines is out to change the way people think about wine. We create wines that people like to purchase because they tastes good, without thinking about the complicated rules of purchasing wine. You can have fun at a party or have a glass while cooking dinner – they’re always versatile!

    We created Ethereus Wines as our answer to what we were all looking for; quality wine without complexity, very easy to drink and suitable for all occasions, exhaling fun and adventure. We keep it simple by offering wines that people like to purchase because they taste good, without worrying about the rules of purchasing wine. Instead of creating wine as an entity on its own right, we have created a social drink accessible to everyone: beer drinkers, cocktail drinkers, and other drinkers of nonwine beverages; yet still representing the Spanish culture, fiesta and sunny beaches along with thriving on adventure and excitement.

    The Ethereus Wines are easy drinking wines that are accessible for everyone; for those who like beer, cocktails or other non-wine drinks. It is a free spirit brand and an alternative to regular wine that offers a traditional product in an unconventional way. The no fuss wines of Ethereus Wines have been brought back to what we all look for; quality wine without complexity.

    Ethereus Wines is a new wine experience, offering different wines with a different packaging; all of them good, all of them fun to drink. A social drink that people want to purchase and share with friends, Ethereus Wines has created the perfect wine for your everyday occasions.

    Ethereus Wines, we play with your senses. We are fun, sweet and light all at the same time. Our packaging, our look and our taste is a celebration of life: you’re going to love it!

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