• The story behind the success of Rosé wine.

    In recent years, Rosé wine has experienced a spike in popularity. Although social media influencers now favour this pink wine in the summer, it’s actually one of the oldest varieties of wine ever produced.

    Red wine grapes are used to make rosé, which is created similarly to red wine but with less time spent fermenting with grape skins. Rosé has a pink tint and a milder flavour than red wine because of the decreased skin contact. One of the best grapes to produce a quality Rose is the Bobal Grape, best known for producing lively, fruity Rosé wines.

    The Ethereus Rosé is a good example of a very good Rosé made from Bobal, salmon-coloured with violet rims, young, fresh, modern and very fruity, that will delight expert palates and those just starting out.

    Ethereus Wines Rose
    Ethereus Rosé Wine

    Bobal grapes can be found between 600 and 1,100 meters above sea level, prefers inland Mediterranean regions that are dry, chilly, and have significant temperature differences between day and night. Such conditions are great for producing grapes that are wholesome, well-ventilated, and especially suitable for organic certification.

    Bobal Rosés have a distinctive personality, Rosés that stand out for their lively and colourful colour and violet reflections. Their low pH keeps them in excellent condition until the new vintage is introduced.

    We anticipate the Ethereus Rosé made from Bobal grapes to grow in popularity very quickly, so we urge you to try a bottle the next time you have the chance.

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