• Ethereus Wines, available in more than 1.000 Rossmann stores in Poland.

    Ethereus Wines has partnered with Rossmann Poland, one of the largest drug store chains in Europe, to bring their range of wines to the Polish market. With Rossmann’s extensive reach, Ethereus Wines’ easy drinking red wine, Ethereus Syrah-Tempranillo, and the Ethereus Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc white wine ware available in more than 1,000 selected stores in Poland. This partnership will provide an extensive reach to polish customers, making Ethereus Wines easily accessible to all.

    Ethereus Wines, a new player in the wine industry, is changing the game with their approach to wine. The company aims to simplify the wine experience and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their beverage preference. Ethereus Wines offers a range of affordable, quality wines that are perfect for everyday enjoyment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Ethereus Wines, including their famous easy drinking wines, approachable and refreshing wines, and their recent partnership with Rossmann in Poland.

    Ethereus Wines: Quality Wines at Affordable Prices

    Ethereus Wines is a company that offers a range of quality wines at affordable prices. They believe that wine should be accessible to everyone, and they strive to make their wines easy to drink, fun, and approachable. Ethereus Wines is breaking away from the traditional wine drinking experience, offering a non-traditional twist on a traditional product. Their wines capture the spirit of the Spanish culture, fiestas, and sunny beaches, making them perfect for social gatherings, picnics, and barbecues.

    Ethereus Wines: Easy Drinking Wines

    Ethereus Wines’ range of easy drinking wines is perfect for those who are new to wine or those who prefer a more casual and fun approach to wine drinking. Their easy drinking wines are light-bodied, smooth, and fruity, making them ideal for everyday enjoyment. Ethereus Wines’ approachable and refreshing wines are perfect for those looking for a crowd-pleasing wine that is easy to drink and offers a refreshing change from the norm.

    Ethereus Wines: Fun and Adventurous Wines

    Ethereus Wines’ fun and adventurous wines offer a unique wine experience for those who are looking to break away from the traditional wine drinking experience. Their wines are perfect for those who enjoy beer, cocktails, or other non-wine beverages. Ethereus Wines offers a refreshing change, capturing the spirit of adventure and fun. Their wines are perfect for social gatherings, picnics, and barbecues, providing a fun and adventurous option for wine lovers and non-wine drinkers alike.

    Ethereus Wines: Perfect for Everyday Enjoyment

    Ethereus Wines is breaking new ground in the wine industry with their approach to wine. Their range of quality and affordable wines is perfect for everyday enjoyment. Whether you are a wine lover or a non-wine drinker, Ethereus Wines’ easy drinking and fun and adventurous wines offer a refreshing change from the norm. With their recent partnership with Rossmann in Poland, Ethereus Wines is set to make its mark in the Polish market and beyond. So why not try Ethereus Wines today and discover a new approach to wine drinking that is perfect for everyone?

  • Ethereus Wines is shaking up the wine industry with their easy drinking wines.

    Looking for quality and affordable wines that are easy to drink and perfect for any occasion? Look no further than Ethereus Wines! Our famous wines are known for their smooth, fruity, and refreshing taste, making them the perfect crowd-pleasing and everyday choice for casual and social occasions.

    Ethereus Wines

    At Ethereus Wines, we pride ourselves on creating approachable wines that capture the fun and adventure of the Spanish culture. Our wines are a refreshing change from the traditional complexity and rules often associated with purchasing wine. Instead, we offer a social drink that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their wine knowledge or preferences.

    One of our most popular types of easy drinking wine is the Ethereus Macabeo – Sauvignon Blanc. This light-bodied white wine boasts crisp and refreshing flavors, making it the perfect pairing for seafood, chicken, and salads. Our Ethereus Rosé is another crowd-pleasing option that features aromas of red fruit, such as raspberry and strawberry, with floral notes that are perfect for sipping on a warm summer day.

    For those who prefer a full-bodied and smooth red wine, we recommend our Ethereus Cabernet Sauvignon. Made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, this wine is known for its bold and rich flavors of dark fruits, such as cassis, plum, and red currants. It pairs well with red meat and strong cheeses and is perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

    What sets Ethereus Wines apart from the rest is our commitment to creating affordable wines that are easy to select and easy to love. Our wines are perfect for everyday occasions and are designed to be enjoyed without the need for complicated rules or wine knowledge. Whether you’re at a party or enjoying a casual dinner with friends, Ethereus Wines are the perfect addition to any occasion.

    Our wines are also known for their versatility, making them suitable for any social occasion. Ethereus Wines are fun and approachable, making them a great choice for a summer wine or a casual wine night with friends. We believe that wine should be enjoyed by everyone, and our affordable and delicious wines are a testament to that belief.

    Ethereus Wines is a must-try for anyone looking for quality and affordable wines that are easy to drink and perfect for any occasion. Our light-bodied and smooth wines are characterized by their fruity and refreshing taste, making them the perfect crowd-pleasing and everyday choice. So why not give Ethereus Wines a try today and experience the fun and adventure of our approachable and refreshing wines!

  • The story behind the success of Rosé wine.

    In recent years, Rosé wine has experienced a spike in popularity. Although social media influencers now favour this pink wine in the summer, it’s actually one of the oldest varieties of wine ever produced.

    Red wine grapes are used to make rosé, which is created similarly to red wine but with less time spent fermenting with grape skins. Rosé has a pink tint and a milder flavour than red wine because of the decreased skin contact. One of the best grapes to produce a quality Rose is the Bobal Grape, best known for producing lively, fruity Rosé wines.

    The Ethereus Rosé is a good example of a very good Rosé made from Bobal, salmon-coloured with violet rims, young, fresh, modern and very fruity, that will delight expert palates and those just starting out.

    Ethereus Wines Rose
    Ethereus Rosé Wine

    Bobal grapes can be found between 600 and 1,100 meters above sea level, prefers inland Mediterranean regions that are dry, chilly, and have significant temperature differences between day and night. Such conditions are great for producing grapes that are wholesome, well-ventilated, and especially suitable for organic certification.

    Bobal Rosés have a distinctive personality, Rosés that stand out for their lively and colourful colour and violet reflections. Their low pH keeps them in excellent condition until the new vintage is introduced.

    We anticipate the Ethereus Rosé made from Bobal grapes to grow in popularity very quickly, so we urge you to try a bottle the next time you have the chance.

  • New projects are on its way for Ethereus Wines.

    Ethereus Wines is developing new projects especially for countries such as Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Germany, etc. Countries that are especially sensitive for the environmental imprint in the world.

    We are talking about Bag in Box and Pouch Up packaging for our Ethereus Wines. The Bag in Box and Pouch Up, require much less packaging, occupies a lot less space, and costs undoubtedly less to ship while leaving a undeniable smaller carbon footprint. Ethereus Bag in Box and Pouch Up are by far the most effective packaging method for reducing wine’s carbon footprint in the world.

    Ethereus Wines Bag in Box Rose
    Ethereus Bag in Box Organic Rose Wine.

    Advantages of Bag in Box and Pouch Up.

    The carbon footprint of the bag-in-box package is 84% less than the carbon footprint of putting that same wine in 750ml glass bottles, and the carbon footprint of distributing this lighter, more compact packaging is 60% less.

    As well the importance of preservation cannot be overstated. Thanks to simple technology that keeps oxygen away from the wine, an open Ethereus Bag in Box or Pouch Up can stay tasty for weeks in the fridge. It keeps the wine in perfect condition, which is the most important consideration for wine drinkers. This is due to the wine being completely protected, with no light entering. The combination of the valve system and the constricting bag makes it impossible for oxygen to enter. The wine in a Bag in Box or Pouch Up can be consumed in optimal conditions, maintaining colour, aromas and flavours for weeks after it was opened.

    The Etherreus Bag in Box or Pouch Up are simple to transport and store. Bag in Box are typically box-shaped, which means they fit perfectly in the external cases. This is also useful at home because it fits easily into any refrigerator. Because Bag in Box are much lighter than bottles and much stronger and more robust, the chances of breakage are extremely low. This is also a keypoint for outdoor enthuiasts, they’re really the ideal format for picnics, parties and friend gatherings.

    The Ethereus Bag in Box can be set up in different formats, to feed for different types of guests. From 3 L to 5L for consumption at home, up to 15L for Horeca. In the matter of quality, Ethereus Wines uses exactly the same quality wines in the Bag in Box or Pouch Up as we do in our bottles.

    Ethereus Wines Pouch Up Rose
    Ethereus 1,5 L. Pouch Up Organic Rose Wine

    Further advantages of the Ethereus Pouch Up packaging.

    These lightweight pouches, which replace heavy glass bottles and bulky bag-in-box packaging, are a durable, convenient, and eco-friendly way to bring the Ethereus wines to the consumer market. The Ethereus Pouch Up smart nozzle keeps our wines fresh for weeks after opening, by eliminating both the possibility of cork contamination and the threat of oxidation. Furthermore, their innovative, long-lasting design flawlessly preserves the product’s integrity.

    The Ethereus Pouch Up offers significantly less weight and far greater resistance in transportation, resulting in significantly lower transportation costs (using less fuel to transport the same amount of product) and a lower risk of breakage. Pouch Up is also a greener alternative to glass because they do not require such an energy-intensive manufacturing process. Overall, Pouch Up is thought to have an 80-85% lower carbon footprint than glass (i.e., a flexible film pouch has a carbon footprint of about 20% that of traditional glass bottles).

    The Pouch Up packaging also lends itself to a more active lifestyle, allowing people to transport wine without worrying about bottle breakage and heavy weight.

  • Ethereus Wines; gedistribueerd door Goessens Professionals in Wine

    Ethereus Wines ad
    Ethereus Add

    De bekende, makkelijk drinkbare wijnen, van Ethereus Wines worden in Nederland gedistribueerd door Goessens Professionals in Wine.

    Met meer dan 50 jaar ervaring is Goessens Professionals in Wine dé wijnleverancier voor de horeca en wijnhandel in Nederland en België. Van café tot sterrenrestaurant en van dranken(groot)handel tot gespecialiseerde wijnwinkel.

    Ethereus Wines
    Ethereus Wines

    Goessens Professionals in Wine brengt de “Easy to Drink” wijnen van Ethereus Wines op de Nederlandse markt, vanaf augustus 2022 zullen de Ethereus wijnen beschikbaar zijn voor de Nederlandse wijnprofessionals, Van café tot restaurant en van slijterij tot gespecialiseerde wijnhandel, elke Nederlandse wijnprofessional kan nu de bekende makkelijk drinkbare wijnen van Ethereus Wines inkopen.

    Ethereus Wines, makkelijk te drinken, makkelijk lief te hebben en makkelijk te kopen, is ons motto. De no-nonsense wijnen van Ethereus zijn teruggebracht naar waar we allemaal naar op zoek zijn; kwaliteitswijnen zonder complexiteit, zeer gemakkelijk te drinken en geschikt voor alle gelegenheden, plezier en avontuur uitademend

    Ethereus Wines maakt wijnen die mensen graag kopen omdat ze lekker zijn, zonder na te moeten denken over de ingewikkelde regels voor het kopen van wijn. In plaats van wijn als wijn aan te bieden, heeft Ethereus een sociale drank gecreëerd die voor iedereen toegankelijk is: bierdrinkers, cocktaildrinkers en andere drinkers van niet-wijndranken

    Ethereus is gemakkelijk te drinken, gemakkelijk te selecteren, leuk en avontuurlijk. We geven een niet-traditionele draai aan een traditioneel product, het smaakt goed en het is gemaakt voor alledaagse gelegenheden, die de Spaanse cultuur, feesten en zonnige stranden vertegenwoordigen, gedijen op avontuur en plezier.

    Ethereus Syrah – Tempranillo.

    Ethereus Wines Syrah Tempranillo

    Ethereus Syrah – Tempranillo is een makkelijk te drinken, favoriet aller tijden, levendig, soepel en rijk, het best genoten als jonge wijn.

    Ethereus Syrah Tempranillo geeft een niet-traditionele draai aan een traditioneel product, het smaakt goed en het is gemaakt voor alledaagse gelegenheden, die de Spaanse cultuur, feesten en zonnige stranden vertegenwoordigen, bloeiend op avontuur en plezier.

    Ethereus Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc.

    Ethereus Wines Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc

    Ethereus Macabeo – Sauvignon Blanc is een makkelijk te drinken, favoriet aller tijden, knapperig en verfrissend, boordevol pittige passievruchten en grapefruit smaken, het lekkerst als jonge wijn.

    Ethereus Macabeo – Sauvignon Blanc geeft een niet-traditionele draai aan een traditioneel product, het smaakt goed en het is gemaakt voor alledaagse gelegenheden, die de Spaanse cultuur, feesten en zonnige stranden vertegenwoordigen, bloeiend op avontuur en plezier.

    Ethereus gelooft dat makkelijk te drinken wijnen mensen samenbrengen.

    Het team van Ethereus Wines gelooft dat als we allemaal samen zijn, het leven leuker is. Daarom is het ons doel om nieuwe vrienden kennis te laten maken met wijnen die plezierig, smaakvol en gemakkelijk te drinken zijn.

    Wij geloven in het brengen van iets beters op tafel, waaronder het produceren van voortreffelijke wijnen die een breed scala aan smaakpapillen aanspreken.

    Ethereus viert mensen voor wie ze zijn. Immers, als we allemaal hetzelfde waren, zou het leven behoorlijk saai zijn. Dus of we nu de liefde verspreiden of gewoon dansen, ons doel is om van de wereld een betere plek te maken voor iedereen.

  • Easy drinking wines, for gathering family and friends on any occasion.

    Ethereus BBQ Party

    Ethereus Wines, makes your choice easy, you will never be disappointed. The no fuss wines of Ethereus have been brought back to what we are all looking for; quality wines without complexity, very easy to drink and suitable for all occasions, exhaling fun and adventure.

    Approachable wines that everyone can enjoy, that are fun, easy to choose, easy to drink and easy to understand.

    Ethereus Wines Street ad
    Ethereus by night

    In a very complex world in is quite difficult to make life a little bit easier. That is why Ethereus has made a promise; we make easy to drink wines that are approachable and appealing to consumers worldwide.

    Ethereus Wines believes that life is more enjoyable when we are all together. That is why we strive to introduce new friends to wines that are enjoyable, flavourful, and easy to drink. We believe in bringing something better to the table, which includes making exquisite wines that appeal to a diverse range of palates

    Ethereus Wines
    Ethereus Wines

    Ethereus wines’ ultimate goal is to be easy to drink. If the elements have matured into harmony and the wine is balanced, it is easy to drink. It could be either a wine with or without complexity. “Easy to drink” simply means that the complicated, interesting parts have been combined in a fluid or beautiful manner.

  • Ethereus wines has created a line of wines designed for beer lovers.

    Wines that consumers like purchasing for their pleasant flavours rather than the complex rules around wine purchases. Instead of selling wine as wine, Ethereus Wines has developed a social beverage that is available to everyone, including those who don’t consume wine.

    Ethereus Wine lunch
    Ethereus Wine lunch

    Agustin Expósito Roda and his team at Ethereus Wines refer to themselves as “Wine Architects,” a business concept that aims to transform the wine industry. Hans Rolink and his crew are also a part of this venture, which pretends to revolutionise the industry.

    Ethereus is easy to pick, easy to drink, enjoyable, and daring. It represents Spanish culture, partying and sunny beaches, thriving on adventure and enjoyment, it tastes wonderful and is made for everyday events, it puts a non-traditional spin on a classic product.

    The Ethereus Wines team firmly believes that life is better when we are with friends and loved ones. Its goal is to make new wines that are enjoyable, delectable, and easy to drink. They strive to produce exquisite wines that are pleasing to a variety of palates because they believe in bringing something better to the table.

    Ethereus Win party
    Ethereus Wine gathering

    Ethereus honours individuals for who they are. After all, life would be quite dull if we were all the same. So, whether we’re dancing or simply spreading love, our aim is to improve everyone’s quality of life.

    Easy to drink is more of a tactile description than a flavour one. These wines do not draw attention to themselves or wear out the palate because they are balanced wines. You won’t taste the alcohol, acidity, or sweetness because they aren’t overpowering. Red wine’s tannins must be as silky-smooth as possible.

    Simple or inferior are not implied by the words “easy to drink.” Either a €6 inexpensive bottle of wine or a €500 first-harvest Bordeaux wine might be served. The most easy-drinking wines are also the most nuanced and fascinating wines in the world, despite the fact that some of them have simple flavours since no truly excellent wine is truly difficult to drink at its best.

    Ethereus Wines advertising

    Ethereus wines’ main objective is to make them incredibly approachable and easy to enjoy for everyone. If all the components have aged together and the wine is balanced, it will be easy to drink. It could be a wine that is complex or not. Easy to drink simply means that the intricate and fascinating components have come together in a beautiful or smooth manner.

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