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This story is part of the Ethereus Story Telling Contest, written by Amelia Scott.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Juan who had a love for wine. He enjoyed trying different types of wine but often found the process of purchasing it to be complicated and overwhelming. He knew that he wasn’t alone in this feeling and saw a need for a wine brand that offered quality wines without the fuss.

Juan decided to take matters into his own hands and create Ethereus Wines. He used storytelling to describe the problem and the need that many people, including himself, faced when it came to purchasing wine. He knew that connecting on an emotional level was important, and he used situations that everyone could identify with to do so. Through his storytelling, he entertained his audience and hit the perfect tonality to engage them without losing the lead.

Juan was able to generate engagement from investors by setting tasks that couldn’t be done, generating laughs, and surprising his audience with new twists. But it wasn’t just about entertaining his audience, he wanted to make it personal and show his values. Juan talked about his love for family, sports, and business with his pitch.

And then, it was time for the closing. Juan used a sticky slogan with a sports-business analogy that doubled and underlined the strong CTA. “Experience the joy of a wine that is easy to drink, easy to select, fun, and adventurous with Ethereus Wines. Discover a social drink that is accessible to everyone, and enjoy the pleasure of quality wines without complexity for any occasion.

Ethereus Wines has brought back the no-fuss wines that everyone looks for – quality wines without complexity that are easy to drink and suitable for all occasions. With Ethereus, you can experience fun and adventure through a social drink accessible to everyone, including beer drinkers, cocktail lovers, and non-wine beverage enthusiasts.

Juan believed that purchasing wine shouldn’t be complicated, and that’s why he created wines that people like to purchase simply because they taste good. He offered a non-traditional twist on a traditional product, making it easy to select and enjoyable to drink.

Ethereus Wines represent the best of Spanish winemaking, made for everyday occasions that embody the Spanish culture of fiesta and sunny beaches, thriving on adventure and fun. Their wines are crafted from the highest quality grapes, ensuring that each bottle is a perfect representation of the Spanish winemaking tradition.

Thanks to Juan’s passion for wine and his commitment to creating a brand that was accessible to everyone, Ethereus Wines has become a beloved wine brand, providing quality wines without complexity for any occasion.

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